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About Us

Founded by Dr. Laura Pratesi, Au.D., Citrus Hearing Clinic aims to be a full-service audiology practice specializing in aural rehabilitation, balance therapy, pediatric testing, and patient education. We believe that patients of all ages deserve a better approach to their hearing health than “one size fits most.” Each patient leads a unique life with unique hearing challenges. Our goal is to better understand your listening needs in order to help you make the best, most well-informed decisions about your hearing and balance healthcare. At Citrus Hearing Clinic, we listen to your needs so we can help you hear.

Dr. Pratesi is a bilateral hearing aid user herself and understands the importance of properly managed hearing healthcare. Patient-centered care that follows best practices is our top priority at Citrus Hearing Clinic. By using comprehensive and diagnostic evaluations and rigorous validation and verification of treatment options we are able to ensure you get superb results from your hearing healthcare investment.

Established in 2018, Citrus Hearing Clinic is a family owned and independently operated business located in historic downtown Clermont. Without any financial or contractual ties to specific manufacturers or industry interests, we are able to put each individual patient’s needs above all other considerations. We pride ourselves on educating patients about their unique hearing and balance health diagnoses and offer thorough counseling on the treatment options available that will appropriately meet their communication needs.

Our unbundled approach to hearing technology services allows us to increase accessibility and affordability for all patients without compromising the quality of patient care. Whatever your situation, Citrus Hearing Clinic can help provide you with outstanding care. Whether you purchase devices through us or bring in devices obtained elsewhere, you can trust the professionals at Citrus Hearing Clinic to have your well-being as our utmost concern and to deliver the best outcomes possible.