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“I own a small chain of audiology clinics in Illinois. I am extremely picky about a lot of aspects when it comes to my patients and how they are treated. Few of my colleagues live up to the standards that I set for my staff, my patients, and myself. I recently had a patient on vacation go see Dr Pratesi. Looking at the report she provided us, I can tell you that she does an outstanding job. If I retire and move to Florida and am in need of hearing healthcare, she will be the one I hunt down to help me hear better.
I am very pleased my patient went to see her and I am sure you will be as well. “

Dr. Aaron in Godfrey, IL

“Dr. Laura was exactly the right person at the right time! I first met Dr. Laura at a Hearing Loss meeting while on vacation, and she was so helpful to everyone there. I asked to speak with her after because someone talked about a “streamer.” This was something I didn’t know about previously. She went SO far out of her way to not only make sure I had this to pair with my existing aids, but also had the Rep come to make sure everything was perfect. Dr. Laura is amazing!!!!”

Cheryl in Champlin, MN

“I had become very discouraged with my hearing aid and the settings by my prior doctor, almost to the point of not wearing the device. After Dr. Pratesi’s examination and adjustments to the device, my hearing improved to a quality I had never experienced. It is great to be able to hear clearly again.”

David in The Villages, FL

“After practicing dentistry for over 30 years I found that I was having hearing loss as a result of exposure to the sound of the drills. Dr. Pratesi gave me a very thorough exam, diagnosed the problem and advised me on precautions to take to prevent further hearing loss. She is a great communicator and wants the best for her patients. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of audiology services.”

Dr. Stan in Stockbridge, GA

“Dr. Pratesi is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and explains everything that’s going on and why. When she found out I had sudden hearing loss due to an illness she made sure I was seen by a specialist the next day and followed up with me throughout the whole process. She is also so kind and patient with my children! I highly recommend her.”

Carrie in Groveland, FL

“Dr. Pratesi is extremely qualified, friendly, and articulate. She was able to answer all my questions in a way that was easy to understand. The best part is she deals with all the hearing aid companies. Her billing method is far more fair and logical than doing business with a “dealer” of a specific brand. She has no incentive to push a particular brand, but only to give you the best service she can provide.”

Bill in The Villages, FL

“I would give 10 stars if I could!! Dr. Laura and her staff treated me like I was their most important client. After seeing interaction with other patients, I know this is the culture that is instilled at her office with everyone. Every question was answered with patience and specific details, and every concern settled with understanding and expertise. I did not encounter any “high pressure” sales tactics and was able to select the best device that met my needs and lifestyle after receiving details on all products available. After selecting my device, it was programmed to fit my specific needs for hearing correction. Not just some product off a shelf sent in the mail. I never realized how much life I was missing! Every sound has so much detail. My only issue is that I don’t sing as well as I thought I did!

I have never felt more comfortable at a doctor’s office and highly recommend Citrus Hearing Clinic.”

Paul in Groveland, FL

“My grandmother moved in with my mom after living alone, and we noticed she needed extra volume for everything. We took her to see Dr. Laura who diagnosed total hearing loss in one ear and lower levels in the other. She was wonderful, very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. She recommended a BiCros system that would allow her 360° of sound. … It’s such a relief to be able to speak with my grandmother without raising my voice. She told me it had been years since she was able to hear the crickets sing. Thank you, Dr. Laura for giving my grandmother the gift of sound.”

Amber in Clermont, FL

“My father has suffered from profound hearing loss for many years. He had purchased two sets of hearing aids from major chains during that time without achieving the increased quality of life we had hoped for. After working with Laura Pratesi, he has finally gotten a good understanding of the cause of his deafness and how to work with the set of hearing aids he acquired while working together with her. She has been extremely responsive and helpful during his adjustment period.”

Carolyn in Apopka, FL

“Dr. Pratesi is all you could ask for in a Doctor of Audiology. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and confidant. She listens to your concerns and questions and has easy to comprehend answers making certain you are comfortable with her responses. There is zero pressure to purchase any products and she ensures you know how to operate/wear any device. She explains test results with you in plain, easy to understand language. She is truly a gem.”

Hugh in The Villages, FL