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Why Choose Us

At Citrus Hearing Clinic, we listen so you can hear. We believe in a patient-centered approach that follows best practice guidelines. Our Audiologists engage in evidence-based practices, which results in our patients receiving the best care available. You will not simply be sold a high-price set of hearing aids and pushed out the door. The first step begins with comprehensive case history, and diagnostic evaluation; followed by patient education, and in-house verification measures, to confirm your experience is exactly what the doctors prescribed.

As a family-owned and independently-operated clinic, we are able to focus first and foremost on the necessities of each patient. No shareholders or manufacturers dictate the level of care or treatment options available to each individual. We listen to each patient’s communication goals before performing clinical evaluations to assess unique hearing and balance needs. Once we have a clear picture of a patient’s distinctive requirements, we develop a treatment plan. Patients are then educated, so they can make the best, most well-informed choice from a list of appropriate options. Each treatment plan is curated by our Doctors of Audiology to provide you with the greatest benefit you can obtain from the broad (and growing!) array of technologies, therapies, and rehabilitation strategies that modern medicine offers.

Whether you purchase assistive hearing devices from us or bring in a pair of devices purchased elsewhere, you can trust the team at Citrus Hearing Clinic to get the best performance out of your healthcare investment. By using research-backed practices and the best tools available, we verify your devices work properly and are meeting your specific hearing needs. And if you do choose to purchase devices through Citrus Hearing Clinic, you can be sure your devices are high quality instruments from reputable manufacturers that are sure to last well into the future. When you partner with us on your hearing and balance healthcare journey, you can be sure to achieve success.